Wingreens dips and spreads are created for a large variety of uses (some even we may not know!). They may accompany vegetable sticks or crackers, provide a new flavour for a salad, and serve as an alternative spread on bagels, sandwich bread or rolls. Made to be fun and flavour packed they fit any mood and any food. There is the fresh range of Hummus and the Greek Yogurt dips but don’t miss out on Basil Pesto (made with fresh basil from our farm) or the Fiery Desert Mustard that many people swear by. Or the famous Chipotle Dip, Creamy Herb Dip and the Jalapeno Cheese Dip which have a three month shelf life. We also experimented with peanut butter and created a world first Spicy Peanut Butter and another one for Chocolate lovers.

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