Our History

It all began when we felt the need to introduce safety and hygiene in handling and delivering raw seafood. Especially during the pandemic situation, when consumption of safe and Fresh fish is highly important, it gave us all the more reasons to deliver them at your doorstep in the safest way possible.

We also observed that there are markets in Mumbai which sell frozen fish. We promise freshness. Early morning catch and same day safe delivery. Straight from the trawlers to your kitchen within hours.

Why Bombay Fresh Fish?


  • Widest variety of seafood/ freshwater fish in Mumbai
  • High ethics in business. If you order Salmon fillet, we deliver Salmon fillet
  • Fresh, not frozen (We do not deal in frozen food. We deal in fresh fish only)
  • Cleaning, peeling, gutting, deveining and filleting free of cost
  • We are known for our quality and repeat orders


Safe packing and delivery

We deliver fresh fish in safe and hygienic, food grade, air tight, leak proof containers. The seafood has minimum human touch. It is packed soon after the catch. Safe home delivery within hours of reaching ashore.